Artist Statement

My paintings are realistic in style, mimicking the world through a familiar photographic lens. Yet, I work to capture scenes, moments and feelings often overlooked through our daily encounters with the world. I try to capture things in such a way that makes the viewer look again, deeper and question my motive, and involve them in discovering their own meaning in my work. Each time I begin a new painting, it becomes a new quest to search for this visual dialogue I can engage my viewers in.

I am particularly fond of the dramatic effects created through the presence and absence of bright, natural light. There is such a curiosity evoked in how that would translate to a larger, brighter canvas, one step beyond the realm of reality- that urges me to begin my artistic ‘exploration.’

When I first began to paint, it was the still life that grabbed my attention and was the primary focus of my work. As I began to evolve as an artist, I started to see what would happen once these objects became intrusively large, magnified on my canvas. Thus, I began to see just how much control I had on “reality,” as a realist painter. The effect was deeply gratifying.

Today, I’m onto my new ‘phase’ in my artistic journey- most recently discovering that the human face and form is the key to portraying emotions, feelings, and digging deep into a place being human we can all relate to.

I’m excited and reinvigorated with this new sense of my work as a journey, and an ever- evolving progression.